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Launch date is 31 August 2024, preorders will be couriered on 31 July 2024

Book blurb

HONOUR YOUR CAPACITY - your journey to emotional regulation


Respected cognitive behavioral therapist and practitioner, CHERONA D offers you a powerful blend of evidence-based strategies, personal stories, and shares insights in an easy and delightful way. If you have struggled with feelings of shame, inadequacy, people-pleasing, or felt hopeless in a narcissistic environment, this book will serve you well.

The greatest skill you can learn is to master emotional regulation. If you do not have the power to regulate your feelings around a situation or event, then that event has power over you and you will constantly be triggered. Where is that wound, and how can we start to heal from it?

Whether you are a busy mom, driven professional, or dedicated spouse, this resource provides the tools you need to identify the emotions that are causing feelings of overwhelm.

If emotional pain can negatively impact our spiritual well-being (Proverbs 15:14), then the reverse is also true: when we are emotionally healthy, we become spiritually stronger. This is why I firmly believe that the healing work Christians undertake holds a divine purpose.” CHERONA D

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