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Note from the author

This book is a tapestry of stories, personal lessons, and scientific exploration - all woven together to illuminate the profound connection between our minds, our emotions, and our spiritual lives.Each chapter is divided into the following sections:


Storytelling: In these opening narratives, I will share personal accounts from my own journey of growth and transformation. These stories will serve as entry points into the deeper themes and insights that will be unpacked.


The Science of the mind: Next, we will delve into the research and data surrounding the brain and emotions. By understanding how you we are wired as human beings, we can gain invaluable perspective on the ebb and flow of our inner lives.


Scriptural insights: The Bible offers a rich trove of stories, teachings, and principles that shed light on the connection between our minds, hearts, and spirits.


Reflection & application: Finally, each chapter will culminate in a series of guided reflections and practical exercises. This space for self-reflection is designed to help you integrate the insights you have gleaned, empowering you to cultivate greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and spiritual growth. The journey ahead is one of discovery, healing, and transformation. So come with an open mind and a willing heart.I love having you here!ound, and how can we start to heal from it?



  • The launch date for HONOUR YOUR CAPACITY is 31 August.  Pre ordered books will be released on 31 July and couriered to readers within 3 working days thereafter.  You get the book first!  I can't wait to hear your feedback, Cherona D

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