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Cherona D Life Coach and Speaker

WELCOME! It's wonderful having you here.


I'm not sure what brings you to my page today, but I trust you will leave feeling a little lighter and less isolated, be it as parent or a heart simply drowning in life's torrential challenges. I'm sorry if your world is feeling a little overwhelming at the moment, I'm no stranger to the struggle bus, but this is your reminder that there is hope, with practical strategies and a safe space to explore. I'm your safe space, and as a qualified Neurolinguistics practitioner and cognitive behavioral expert, I can guide you or your loved one, to a space where your thoughts and environment are not holding you captive. 


Insights from Within

I'm a proud mother to two sons—Luke, who is 17, and Daniel, who is 23 and navigating the exciting journey of adulthood. I'm also a devoted wife of 25 years to my soulmate, Duane, and we have a charming chihuahua named Indi, who keeps us entertained as her dedicated feeders and ball throwers. My faith in Christ is the foundation of my life, and it guides me in my work as a coach. I'm based in the beautiful coastal town of Richards Bay, KZN, South Africa, and offer both in-person and online sessions. My primary focus is helping individuals and families build deeper, more fulfilling relationships. A significant portion of my practice involves teen and parent coaching, where I've had the privilege of witnessing my clients overcome challenges and experience remarkable growth.

Life brings with it challenges that we have to learn to navigate and embrace, they shaped perspectives. Make a cuppa and enjoy the insights and podcasts I was invited to share these with you and fellow listeners/viewers.


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I am a Purposepreneur by Cherona Dannhauser


The Why:
“So, who or what are you, exactly? I inhale and feel the weight of the answer. Will I be too much or too little? You see, I do not have a set job description. I have grown, evolved, grown again and I have continued to do so. I don’t fit the traditional mould.”


I am a Purposepreneur’ is Cherona’s first book and it is a goldmine packed full of priceless ingots for readers looking for inspiration, as well as those seeking guidance and practical tools to help them to progress in their business. Aimed at women in business and young entrepreneurs, growth is a given between the pages of this book. Highly organised in her thinking, she gives her readers current strategies for social media management, personal discovery, prayer and then anchors it all in scripture. She peppers her story with humorous anecdotes that lighten the mood and make you feel like a best friend, sitting having a cup of coffee at the kitchen table.

This is a winner all the way that will help you to grow your business and will inspire you to be the best that you can be! A great story, full of invaluable tips for a successful and fulfilling life in Christ, career and as an entrepreneur.

Clients include but not limited to:

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client feedback


Although I knew of Cherona and her incredible talent for a while, I have only recently met with her to expand and improve my digital footprint. She is creative and inspiring, and her invaluable advice has already begun to pay off. Whether you are a business owner looking to improve social media presence or a student - like me - wanting a head start on networking, I would highly recommend meeting with Cherona. Her warm smile paired with her knowledgeable guidance are a winning combo, and the results are always outstanding!

Cheneille H - student of Kinesiology 

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