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I help purpose and freedom seekers.

If you know that you are meant for more than what you are currently living, and yet somehow you find yourself standing on the sidelines of your life - let's shine a light on the areas that keep you dim, and together map a way forward that honours who you really are, so that you can align, and shine, in your true essence. I work with mindful and change-making humans to elevate your awareness, potential and leadership for meaningful impact, conscious success and a work-life or business 

My Why And Your Why

  • As life and business coach, my vision is to provide a safe and encouraging space for my clients.

  • To define how they would like to improve their life, creating goals that are positive, forward thinking and inspiring.

  • I assist my clients to break down those life affirming goals into manageable steps, to transition from where they are now, to where they want to be.

  • A life coach I honour the present position of my client, but also look to the future, supporting exploration of their desires, feelings.

  • I listen deeply, I ask challenging and thought provoking questions, enabling my clients can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their life.

  • I provide accountability and lovingly challenges my clients to step outside their comfort zone or shift their perspective.


  1. Life coaching:  Options Seed, Sapling & Shade

  2. Business coaching:  Business Excellence and Corporate Coaching Options

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