YOUR growth

is my WHY

I Facilitate to skill

Speak to inspire

Mobilise to find YOUR Why &

Coach to identify the noise muting your GROWTH.

Business And Life Coach

NLP coach and business practitioner, I guide you in identifying the noise that is muting your growth. Practical tools, systems and your mindset can help you achieve not only your intentions but certainly boost your confidence. Together we take the steps towards discovering the path to your white how why and purpose.


Skills And Training Facilitator

In 2000 I started a training and development company and continue facilitating growth, internationally and locally in South Africa.  I incorporate skills facilitation into my coaching programmes, ensuring personal and professional development of each individual.


Keynote and Motivational Speaker

My vision as a speaker is to make meaningful connections with audiences and maximize their potential!  I consider speaking to be important extension of my work and contribute content that inspires and mobilises audiences to make purposeful and positive changes. I am able to present in English and Afrikaans, however a word of warning, the chances are great that I will get my Afrikaans idioms completely mixed up, to the delight of the audience and complete horror on my behalf.



"So, who or what are you, exactly? I inhale and feel the weight of the answer. Will I be too much or too little? You see, I do not have a set job description. I have grown, evolved, grown again and I have continued to do so. I don’t fit the traditional mold.” I write to share my story. Author of 'I am a Purposepreneur'.


Client Feedback

Constant feedback is vital, not to validate who or what I am, but to ensure that I am constantly aligning with my purpose and my to add value and ensuring growth. 

Fezile Sigubadu

Cherona is amazing, she is able to connect with people of different personalities. She's is inspiring and very informed. As a speaker, she is always prepared and provides thorough information on the subject. she is a ball of fire and a breath of fresh air. I would recommend her for any cooperate trainings and events.
Fezile Sigubudu, Econo, February 2020

Devika Francis

I had the pleasure of having Cherona as my facilitator for my MDP, but before Cherona took over, I was ready to throw in the towel. I was at my wits end. The training bored me and I battled to grasp anything. Then that awesome day arrived (unknowing to the class). We met Cherona. She is an absolute breath of fresh air. She kept us motivated and enthused. Every lesson was interactive, well planned, humorous, energetic and inspirational. Needless to say I made a 360 degree change in my decision to quit and ended up sad when lessons came to an end. I can proudly say that I have successfully completed my MDP and graduated on the 24/01/2020. thank you Cherona, keep doing what you do. The world needs you. Devika Francis, GRINROD, January 2020

Nicqie Robinson

Ek is so dankbaar vir Cherona Dannhauser! Sy is 'n finominale (my) Business Coach wat buite die box dink. As jy voel jy kort hulp met enige aspek van jou besigheid, kontak haar. (Sarie voorblad gesig Jan/Feb 2021) 

Nicqie Robinson, April 2020  Kimberley


I look forward to meeting you!


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