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I know life can be tough sometimes. We all face challenges, setbacks, and moments when we feel stuck or lost. But you're not alone. And you don't have to go through it all on your own. Life coaching is a powerful tool that can help you navigate life's challenges, achieve your goals, and live a more fulfilling life. A life coach can provide you with the support, guidance, and accountability you need to create the life you want.

What is Coaching?


Coaching is a collaborative, goal-oriented process that focuses on helping individuals and groups achieve their personal and professional goals. Life coaches work with clients to identify and clarify their goals, develop strategies for achieving them, and overcome obstacles along the way. Think of me as your personal cheerleader, strategist, and accountability partner. I help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, set realistic goals, and create a plan to achieve them. I am there to support and encourage you to stay on track, even when things get tough.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Life coaching can be helpful for anyone who is looking to improve their life. Some of the most common types of clients include:

  • Individuals who are feeling stuck or unfulfilled in their lives

  • People who are going through a major life transition, such as a career change, divorce, or retirement

  • Individuals who want to improve their relationships

  • People who are struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to take their business to the next level

No matter what you're going through, life coaching can help you achieve your goals and live a more fulfilling life.


What is the value of coaching?

Life coaching has been shown to provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased self-awareness and understanding

  • Improved goal-setting and planning

  • Enhanced problem-solving and decision-making skills

  • Greater motivation and confidence

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Improved relationships

  • Increased personal and professional satisfaction

If you're looking for a way to improve your life, life coaching is a great option to consider. It can give you the tools and support you need to create the life you've always dreamed of.

I'm here to help.


  1. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed

  2. Lack of clarity and direction

  3. Difficulty making decisions

  4. Procrastination and lack of motivation

  5. Poor communication and relationship issues

  6. Low self-esteem and self-confidence

  7. Work-life balance issues

  8. Difficulty adapting to change

  9. Fear of failure

  10. Lack of support


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HATS OFF! IT TAKES A VILAGE!! Your teen's journey through adolescence can be complex and overwhelming, and that's where a life coach can make a real difference. Navigating life as a teenager can be challenging, and it's completely normal for your child to feel uncertain about what they want. But they don't have to figure it all out on their own. That's where mt expertise comes in. I create a safe and non-judgmental space where your teen can explore their core beliefs, passions, and goals while learning healthy ways to overcome the obstacles of adolescence.

If you notice any of the following signs in your teen, it may be worth considering life coaching:


- Struggling to find motivation and drive

- Having difficulty setting boundaries

- Facing challenges in communication and conflict management

- Needing guidance in problem-solving without unnecessary drama

- Struggling to find a balance between school and personal life

- Lacking self-confidence and belief in their abilities

- Seeking support in pursuing personal goals

- Feeling fear when it comes to following their passions

- Giving up easily when faced with challenges

- Struggling to resist peer pressure and stay true to their core beliefs

- Dealing with friend and relationship drama

- Experiencing confusion and questions about their personal identity


What's the perfect age for teen coaching?

Typically, around the age of 12, children begin to develop their critical thinking skills and desire more independence. They want to take charge and explore their own path, which is why teen coaching is a great fit. It gives them the spotlight and ensures their privacy, even from their parents. If your child is younger, we also offer child coaching services. Let's find the right coaching approach for your child's unique journey.

Can parents attend the teen coaching sessions?

Unfortunately, parents are not able to join the teen coaching sessions. The purpose of these sessions is to empower the teen, allowing them to develop essential skills that enhance their emotional intelligence, well-being, and overall success. It's important to create a space where teens can freely express themselves without the presence of their parents.


However, I firmly believe that your involvement and participation as a parent are crucial to your teen's success. That's why I have incorporated assignments and activities for the teens that allow you to be involved and aware of every aspect of the program. For face-to-face coaching, I do ask that you (or your partner) join us for the initial 10-15 minutes of the first session. During this time, I will cover important information that both you and your teen should know for optimal results.


I also recommend scheduling a session for parents after every three sessions with your teen. This provides an opportunity to update you on what you can do at home to support and enhance the success and sustainability of the changes your teen is making.


If you are interested, I also offer a parent coaching programme to help you develop the necessary skills and mindset to better support your teen. I strongly encourage you to consider this option, as my experience has shown that when a parent possesses the right coaching skills and mentality, their teen's success is significantly amplified. It becomes a transformative and lifelong journey.


Please rest assured that I adhere to a strict privacy policy, and I will not disclose any information shared by either you or your teen. Confidentiality is of utmost importance. However, I do encourage open and healthy conversations between parents and teens, allowing you to share your thoughts and feelings with each other in a supportive manner.


When considering reaching out to me, it is crucial to understand the emotional state you are in: either Discovery or Recovery. In the Discovery state, a client or parent, you are aware of your past experiences and you are open to embracing a new version of yourself. However, in the Recovery state, you may be caught up in blame and anger, requiring support from a psychologist. For those in Recovery, parent or life coaching may be overwhelming, as you perceive your emotions as integral to your identity and are not yet prepared to let go of them.

Before enrolling in a coaching program, it is essential for individuals to examine their beliefs about personal growth. My role is to assist you in constantly looking forward and progressing. If you are not ready to move forward, engaging in coaching may only amplify your frustration. Rest assured, I will assess suitability for the programme and inform you during the first session if it may not be the right time for you yet, and we’ll take a pause.

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