Are you feeling overwhelmed and struggling to keep it all together?

Your inner voice … “I should be able to do this. I am overwhelmed, but I don’t have time to practice self-care right now."

A thought such as this one will leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated. You will try and put the thought aside and push through the day. Eventually you will experience burnout, poor work performance and constant anxiety.

So how can we swing this?

An alternate thought pattern….. “The expectations I have set for myself are very high. In this moment of feeling overwhelmed, let me consider re-evaluating my goals and needs."

Your feelings will now be more supportive, safe and carry hope. You validate your feelings and start practicing self-care. You feel recharged, your spirits are lifted and you show up intentionally, for yourself and those around you.

Toxic thought patterns can loop over and over in your mind. I look forward to hearing how you are shifting your thoughts

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