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YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARY! Valuable, worthy, and whole!

It has been in the capacity of mom, that I have learnt most of my life-altering lessons. We are blessed with 2 remarkable sons, Daniel and Luke. Our eldest is currently at uni and Luke is a highschool student. The complexities of parenting two beautifully and uniquely different hearts, each faced with their own challenges comprising of anxiety, depression, Ocd and Tourettes, was at times really heart wrenching. As family, we have experienced trauma that shaped us, and mostly my comprehension of mental health. As NLP Practitioner, I am blessed to journey with my beautiful clients as they themselves discover their own unique fragrance and the power of their mindset. Small ripples of awareness and value adding content can make a difference, and that is why I include matters of the mind in my content. Mental health is vital if we wish to continue growing into our most authentic selves.


support YOU discovering and managing:


✔️ Deep self-awareness

✔️ Owning their individual moral compass and personal values

✔️ Navigating friendships and Social media

✔️ Time management

✔️ Social anxieties

✔️ Walking in purpose

✔️ Identifying limiting beliefs

✔️ Goal setting and accountability

✔️ Confidence to share ideas and lead

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