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My bundu-bashing personal brand journey

The emotions behind building a personal brand, that is something I never anticipated. I share my challenges and breakthroughs in this brief video. If you have experienced the same roller coaster, I would love to hear more. All the books, blogs, pods, webinars or coffee could not have prepared me for the emotions and constant perspective alignment, before, BAM! I got it.

The greatest take here:

  1. Your brand is not about you. Yes, you heard me correctly.

  2. Your brand is about the value you offer, once you have settled into this truth, so many hiccups disappear.

  3. To embrace your brand unapologetically, you need to be anchored in your why and your values. I trust you understand the deeper meaning to this.

  4. Imposter syndrome, brand comparison, not worthy wobbles, better tag lines, greater blogs, better speaker reels, bigger sign boards; all of these will derail you.

Enjoy the short video, trusting there will be something that resonates and helps you with the breakthrough you are needing.

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