Mastering your personality is key to achieving balance, success, and confidence

what is your personality type?

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Why are some people happier, more confident, and more successful than others?

Mastering your personality is key to achieving balance, success, and confidence. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses, relationships, friendships, career choices and parenting styles is vital for synergy. Personality is just one of many factors that guide our behavior.  

I am offering a 2 hour online session, consisting of the following:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) and 1:1 feedback report.

We use the acronym format introduced by Myers-Briggs for its simplicity and convenience, with an extra letter to accommodate five rather than four scales, including dimensions of personality called the Big Five personality traits, a model that dominates modern psychological and social research. Cost is R400 pp.

This section will describe five personality aspects that, when combined, define the personality type: Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics and Identity. Each of these aspects should be seen as a two-sided continuum, with the “neutral” option placed in the middle. The percentages you would have seen after completing the test are meant to show which categories you fall under, and how strong your preferences are.

Let's journey to discovering YOU!

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