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life coach for women in midlife

Midlife life coach Cherona D

MID-age is your time

Life coaching women in redesign

​​“Mid-age is not a diving board where you fall off into dark depths unable to swim. Mid-age is a spring board where you leap into the best part of your life. “

Mid-age can be a time of great change, uncertainty and overwhelm. We often find ourselves at a crossroads, not sure which direction to take, desperate for some clarity. This process will guide you where you move from being managed by your life, to managing your life.

✔️ Have you lost your mojo?

✔️ Suffering from a crisis of body image, confidence, invisibility, or all three?

✔️ Have you spent years waiting ‘to arrive’ and then wake up and ask ‘is this it?’

✔️ Not sure what your destiny and purpose in life is?

✔️ Experiencing the need to change and pivot?

Enjoy this short extract taken from an online informal women's event . . . can you relate to a little peach fuzz?

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