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Every keynote is bespoke and Cherona D will liaise with the event organiser or HRD team to ascertain the vision of their event and the current challenges faced by their industry and organisation. Below are elements of keynotes with different key focus areas and will be adapted in accordance to the audience and outcomes desired.

Authentic leadership foils traditional game plans

Being authentic is the foundation for successful leadership. However, most leaders lack the necessary self-awareness to be who they really are on a consistent basis. As a consequence, leaders might think they are being the best version of themselves, but in reality there is a gap between how they see themselves and how others experience them. This gap is a risk because the primary way to truly engage and inspire others is through building strong emotional connection based on authenticity. Minds work differently, authentic leadership embraces the diversity and strength of a neurodiverse workplace and actively pursues ways to include constant learning and adaptation.


The talk provides inspiration, insight and practical steps to:

  • Shape your personal leadership brand based on purpose, values and strengths·

  • Recognize how you show up as a leader makes a real difference

  • Form a compelling leadership vision focused on authenticity to accelerate personal development

  • Learn more about the strengths of a neurodivergent team and how to include these in your communication.


Self-regulation prevents toxic team deadlocks

Resilient leaders personalise their approach, tapping into the unique strengths and motivators of team members. They cultivate emotional intelligence and strong relationships, and they facilitate learning and personal development through everyday experiences. More importantly, these exceptional leaders create a culture of psychological safety, the number one predictor of high-performing teams. Learn to cultivate leadership habits that improve team well-being, productivity, and performance. Using the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, this session provides a road map to developing resilient leaders, teams, and organizations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create a culture of psychological safety

  • Leverage emotional intelligence to build connection, credibility, and trust.

  • Practice gratitude and mindfulness to build a resilient culture.

  • Gain alignment on expectations and priorities.

  • Foster a growth mindset culture.


Connection is your greatest leadership flex

Connected leaders model courageous behaviors that create a culture of clarity, transparency, inclusion, and accountability, even in the most challenging times. In this engaging and uplifting presentation, attendees will master their ability to communicate and connect on deeper levels, creating an environment where people thrive.


In a digitally-distracted, constantly-changing world, become a connected leader to:


  • Drive positive change through intentional and impactful communication, thoughtful questions, and empathetic listening

  • Earn trust, respect, and loyalty from your teams and colleagues

  • Learn specific communication techniques that will inspire action and cooperation, address conflict, and extract more value and productivity from your teams

  • Seek and encourage healthy feedback

  • Create a culture of open communication where people connect, grow, and flourish

Authentic Leadeship
Self regulation
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