Cultivate a culture of resilience:  connect and lead from the inside out

Cultivate a culture of resilience:  connect and lead from the inside out


Connection is the heartbeat of life and leadership - especially during uncertain times.   The reality is that connecting, motivating and leading your team through the pace of change that we will continue to see - can be a challenge to say the least. The importance of self-leadership and the relationship with ourselves is constantly unfolding, as is our leadership and our ability to serve and create impact with others. Just as leadership requires an inside out approach, so does culture. True culture is built from the inside out starting with each of us. The great news here? Whatever your desired result; your impact and your culture starts with you…and you can do a lot about that.


Our world has changed. How we create culture now needs more intention, care, and presence than ever before. Overwhelm, stress, burnout, too much to do, competing priorities, stresses of home, work and everything in between. In this talk, Cherona shares the power of using intention, service, and self-leadership foundations to create impact, and provides frameworks for up-levelling your leadership presence and connection to ignite a dynamic workplace culture.


Key focus areas

Position yourself to lead with intention

Resilience toolkit for sustainable growth

Minimise unnecessary noise

Practical strategies to motivate and mobilise without toxic positivity



What separates the good leaders from the great leaders, the good teams from the great teams, the good businesses from the great businesses, is the ability to give their eyes, hearts, and focus to their highest priorities.


The future of our world is changing. The future of work is changing. The future of how we need to lead is changing. And, there is an epidemic with how people are thinking and approaching their work. 

The mindset that leaders and teams bring to their daily work is what will either raise up or tear down every team.


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if a leader is an extravert or an introvert, or has a certain personality type, or if they are following every leadership best practice perfectly. What matters is their willingness to work on evolving their leadership skills for the long haul. Are you busy or effective? Perhaps you need to be reminded that where you look is where you go! 


Key focus areas


  • Discover self-awareness

  • Clarity and intention

  • Proactivity and behaviours

  • Consistency

  • Importance of story telling

  • Influence within

  • Lead authentically

  • The power of softskills