It's time to grow with intention.

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Let’s figure out what’s holding you back from the clarity and confidence you crave.

COACHING: As Christ-centred coach, I guide hearts in growth. 

What does that look like? YOU are unique, the story that shaped you, the goals you have for yourself and the way you perceive growth is yours. My sessions with you will contain the golden threads of life/business coaching, however I do not have copy and paste programmes. YOU are not broken as the world would have you believe; perhaps bruised, confused and hurting, but you were created in the perfect image. Somewhere along the way, your identity and worth took a hit. YOU belong! Your story matters. You have purpose.


What is does not look like: I do not hand your vision over to the universe and manifest outcomes, I pray to the Maker who created the universe, to assist me in guiding you to align with YOUR PURPOSE and the plans He has for you. This statement is not to shame any coaches who do, I am simply sharing my approach. I am not the cool coach that uses cuss #$&! words as catchy taglines, forces my own believes on you or uses manipulation to change your mindset. I am not a fixer or Psychiatrist, however I shall refer you to a specialist, should there be medical reasons preventing personal breakthroughs.


Growth looks different to each of us, and I am able to relate to a vast number of industries, with clients ranging from project engineers, identity stylists, fitness professionals, surgeons, lawyers and stay at home moms wishing to run their own business from home.


I am a qualified Master NLP Coach and Practitioner who has further specialised in hypnotherapy and cognitive techniques for stress management in the work environment.


IANLPC (International Association of NLP Coaches)

LM - the Institute of Leadership and Management (a division of City & Guilds),  

Registered with CMA (Complementary Medical Association)

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