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Business and confidence coaching

Where would your business be…

with a strategic plan and the support & accountability to follow through?

At its heart, coaching is a conversation that leads to action.  As a specialist confidence coach, Cherona D will help you unlock your best self so that you can live and work from a place of authenticity, peace and strength.  

Cherona D is passionate about women in business and has assisted numerous entrepreneurs to get their business and dream off the ground.  With her vast business knowledge spanning multiple industries, she has assisted civil engineers to beauty salon owners.

"My role as your coach is to support you, challenge you and encourage you.  It’s also my job to tease out the truth in order to empower you to make wise choices about the rest of your life. We laugh, sometimes shed a tear, but we will always grow!" 

If you are looking at taking the next steps towards growth, be it for your personal confidence or that in business, Cherona D is your go-to-girl. Her sessions are sought after and it is recommended that you book in advance.  Sessions are done virtually and clients worldwide are accommodated  according to their various timelines and criteria.

1:1 Business Strategy

Working 1:1 together lets us go deeper into your business, formulate strategy, and determine your best steps forward.

Choose from in-person or online through zoom.

Online Business & Confidence Coaching

This is a fabulous way of benefiting from Cherona's coaching and guidance with the added flavour of a few other women in business.  These online sessions have other entrepreneurs join the session, together you grow in confidence and business.

Cherona D


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